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The belief that people and culture are not outside nature but part of its naturalness - a discarded biro, a lizard head, a bank of starsdashes of abstracted colour or globs of paint - all are equivalent and interacting, part of nature and interconnected. The grand and the incidental are equal. Animals in the sky, giant butterflies, universes touching ground, a tiny figure painting among the dunes, cockatoos flying over Australia at night: scale is topsy-turvy in the construction of new inter-relational webs.
Micky Allan, 2006

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Spacious, 2011 Spacious, 2011 Micky and the Whale, 2000-2013 Sea Days, Sea Nights, 2009 Making it New, MCA, 2009 Inner Weather, 2008 Flinders Ranges, 2004 Lake Mungo, 2005 Bitter Night, 2005 Harvest, 1990 For Love of the Divine, 1990

Central Australia, 1982 Live-in Show, 1978 Sunlight and Shadow/Inner Weather, 2008 Quietly, Infinity in the Everyday, 2005 Gardens, 1994 Micky Allan Perspective 1975-1987 Places in Space, 1988 Recent Works, 1986 Travels without my Aunt, 1985
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