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I like to create reflective spaces that feels physical, in which there is a sense of an eternity that is dynamic and not fixed. In them time is stretched to infinity and poised there, but at any moment everything can and will change, and that that is not just OK but great. Equivalences, paradoxes and unexpected synthesis are my tools of trade.
Micky Allan, 2003

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Sea, 2013 Spacious, 2011 Tidal Drift, 2010 Sea Plunge, 2009 Making it New, MCA, 2009 Inner Weather, 2008 Sunlight and Shadow, 2008 24 Hours (Weereewa/Lake George), 2008

Quietly, Infinity in the Everyday, 2005 Gardens, 1994 Further Travels, 1991-1992 Places in Space, 1988 Micky Allan Perspective 1975-1987 Near and Far, Now and Then, 1987 Ormond College Welcomes New Art, 1987 Recent Works, 1986 Travels without my Aunt, 1985
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