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Flinders Ranges, 2004

works on paper

The Flinders Ranges are very old. In such a place the mind gets cast into a different territory.
Micky Allan, 2005

Untitled 1 (Flinders Ranges) Untitled 2 (Flinders Ranges) Untitled 4 (Flinders Ranges) Untitled 5 (Flinders Ranges) Untitled 7 (Flinders Ranges) Untitled 8 (Flinders Ranges)
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The first night we camped, there was an electrical storm that was officially called a mini-tornado the next day, with tales of cows being found upside down with their feet in the air. We spent the night holding the tent down. The rest of our stay was normal casual camping. I was surprised at what I drew on my return.

Micky Allan, 2005