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The ACCA Experiments I:
Micky Allan -
For Love of the Divine, 1989

Works on Paper, Installation this present installation, she invites others to enter the space - to be part of the work - revealing, along the way, that power and gentleness need not be incompatible.
Jan Blensdorf
A gift for other people's use, The Age, December 15, 1989

Wall of Silk Echo Paper Wall Mathematics of Transformation White Material Wall

River Room Corner River Room Detail River Room Star River Room Entrance Hall with Red Cross

Red Wall Red Wall with Micky Transfiguration Room Transfiguration Red Cross

The Land Behind Taj Mahal Pink Stain Kwan Yin Buddha in Garden Flower Wall 2
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Wall of Silk, Echo, Paper Wall, The Mathematics of the Transformation of Thought into Feeling and Back Again, White Material Wall, River Room, Red Wall, Transfiguration Room, Transfiguration, The Land Behind the Taj Mahal, Red Cross, Stain, Kwan Yin

In 1989 Grazia Gunn, newly appointed Director of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art gave me the opportunity to create the first of her 'ACCA Experiments'. All three rooms at ACCA were to be made available to express whatever was of "contemporary concern" to me as an artist - the only stipulation being that everything was to be works on paper and had to be made in the galleries themselves during the two weeks prior to the show.

Micky Allan, 2008


Christina Davidson

The ACCA Experiments - Micky Allan: For Love of the Divine
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 1989

Jenepher Duncan
Biography 1944-1989

The ACCA Experiments: Micky Allan - For Love of the Divine
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Jenny Zimmer
Mysticism installed at the Domain

The Sunday Herald, December 3, 1990