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Micky loves working big, being able to step back and look at the whole from a distance. This by no means indicates she is not paying attention to detail, but rather that there are many layers and viewpoints from where her art can be appreciated, from the whole all the way to the minute. No wonder she is fascinated by fractals.
Steenus von Steensen, 2008

Sanctuary Maitreya Mural Mural (detail, Maitreya) Mural (detail, Yasodhara) Work in Progress Maitreya Mural (detail, tree) Maitreya Mural (detail, bamboo) Maitreya Mural (detail, tree) Maitreya Mural Sketch

Dervish Dance, Bentleigh Sufi Band, Bentleigh Isis White Tara Rear Hall, Bentleigh Mary, Bentleigh

Avalon 1 Avalon 3 Avalon 2 Old Victoria Hotel 1 Old Victoria Hotel 2 Old Victoria Hotel 5 Pomme Granate, Old Victoria Hotel

Sanctuary of the Heart, Maitreya Buddha, Isis, White Tara, Avalon, Roskilde, Healing Room, Daylesford, Theosophical Fellowship, Melbourne, Mickey Mouse, Geometrical Form, Autumn, Rolling Horse, Pomegranate

During the 1990s I painted various murals for places of worship in Denmark, Melbourne and Daylesford, as well as for commercial enterprises and private homes. I had seen a large scale Bonnard painting in France, which was both intimate and huge, and which made a great impression on me. I wanted to create a similar sense of intimacy and detail on a large scale in some of my mural works. Painting directly on the wall is very different to painting a large canvas both for the painter and for the final experience for the viewer. Sense of scale and integration into the site, have their own special flavour in mural work.

Micky Allan, 2008