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Kangaroo Lemniscate, 2005

24:7 Dwell. Domain, A Temporary Public Art Project
ANU School of Art, Parliamentary Zone, Canberra


Kangaroos have a lively place in the imaginations of the people of Canberra: they are among the original dwellers of the area and have become integral to its image as the bush capital, living densely in the central hills and parklands of the city.
Micky Allan, 2005

Kangaroo Lemniscate 1 Kangaroo Lemniscate 2 Kangaroo Lemniscate 3 Kangaroo Lemniscate 4 Kangaroo Lemniscate 5
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The Kangaroo Lemniscate consists of an infinity sign of kangaroos 'drawn' with river rock and covering 15 x 40 metres on the lawn stretching between John Gorton House and the Treasury.

The movement within the lemniscate symbolises intuitional flow: its continuum symbolically unites nature and culture, organic and geometric, art and science - letting them 'dwell together' so to speak, rather than setting them up as opposite and opposing forces needing choice between them.

Micky Allan, 2008