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Making Sugar, 1978


One of the men working at the factory said to me:
"If you could get the noise. If the photograph could open up and you could hear the noise."

Micky Allan
The CSR Photography Project for Pyrmont Refinery Centenary, 1978

CSR 1 CSR 2 CSR 18 CSR 4 CSR 5 CSR 8 CSR 14 CSR 13

CSR 11 CSR 17 CSR 15 CSR 6 CSR 9 CSR 7 CSR 10 CSR 16

CSR 12 CSR, factory
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Untitled (Refining Sugar I); Untitled (Refining Sugar II); Untitled (The Factory)

It is left to Micky Allan to present the concept of the factory as bleak, cluttered, congested and uncaring. The smudged velvety prints recall Victorian Industrial Revolution conditions, and the classic image of man, as victim of the machine.

Sandra McGrath
CSR show: No trouble at the mill, The Australian, 21/9/1978